Setting Aims

We were reminded recently about sending out a reminder on this topic.  This is one of those things that we start doing and then for some reason it can drop off.

What are your aims, your objectives for your next meeting with your prospect, agent, your boss, client, colleagues, etc.?  As usual, a word of caution – you may not want to try this at home!

Without aims for business related meetings, how do we know when we’ve achieved a successful outcome?  How do we measure success or failure? Have we accomplished what we set out to do?

Coaching Hint for setting aims:

As usual, we recommend a low-tech approach – yellow pad and pencil where you can write out five aims / objectives for your next meeting.  We recommend listing your aims in the left hand column – we’re not kidding about this!  Please read on – this really works.

Some argue that handwriting is inefficient, almost a quaint art.  After all, we purchase hi-tech devices that support us in our professional sales roles and are compelled to use them.  On the other hand (pun intended), we continuously research this topic and find that with hand writing there seems to be an energy that becomes available to us.  This energy supports your desired outcomes, the achievement of your aims.  Just keep in mind that as humans we have been hand writing way longer than we have been typing (as this newsletter continues to be typed!).

So, as an assist, here are a variety of meeting aims in no particular order or priority.  It’s not the intention to necessarily reveal these aims to the other person – these are for you; think of them as your guideposts.  Can you picture five aims hand written in the left hand column of your yellow pad for your next meeting?

  • Obtain an assignment that paves the way for your next appointment
  • Any new people here?
  • Who else should we know?
  • Meet two new people, three new people…
  • Obtain three submissions
  • Position yourself to deliver a future proposal
  • Identify at least one opportunity with income potential over $25K, $50K, $500K…
  • Competition – any renegade competitors?
  • Can we relieve any of our competitors of the burden of their accounts or their best people?
  • Manage the calendar of your prospect – schedule your next appointment
  • Deliver news – good or bad or neutral
  • Ask for two referrals, three referrals, etc.
  • Education – yours and theirs
  • Follow up on open proposals
  • Close a sale
  • Earn a $15,000 raise / bonus
  • Any new industry segments / specialties we should be aware of?
  • Learn at least one factor about a top competitor
  • Display your humility, confidence and commitment – “We have no gentle way of saying this, but we’re really pretty good at what we do”.
  • How do we get ourselves remembered and stand apart from the crowd?
  • Ask seven questions to learn more about their needs: Here’s a couple of powerful questions:
    • Where do you see your company in 20__?
    • Where do you see yourself in 20__?
  • What’s hot? Where have you / we been successful?
  • Re-confirm the decision makers
  • Are priorities matched?

To bring this to the relevant level, we have a first meeting with a prospect early next week; here are our aims for that upcoming meeting:

  1. Identify specific 2014-15 sales objectives
  2. Earn $x by February 1, 2015
  3. Reach agreement for proposal delivery
  4. Ultimately, touch twenty-five lives with our Advanced Sales webinar series
  5. Reserve a future date for the program

Here’s your challenge:  Why not give this technique a trial for your next meeting? Write out five specific meaningful meeting aims and measure your results.

With specific aims, you will precisely determine the positive, neutral or negative meeting outcomes.

Next month’s preview:

We have no idea what next month’s newsletter topic will be – your suggestions are welcomed – we are happy to continuously learn and write about any sales topic.

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