Course Corrections

So, any course corrections needed for next year / next quarter / next month / today?

Here are some ideas to consider: 

  • Focus on emails only three times per day – early, middle and late – that’s it.
  • Contact at least one former client or lost prospect per week.
  • Hmm, maybe I can make a phone call rather than sending an email or text.
  • Is what I’m working on right now my highest payoff activity?
  • Plan on spending more time at the office – NOT
  • A text with my children does not count as a meaningful contact – we need to speak.
  • On the other hand, a text message from a grandchild, does count as a meaningful contact!
  • Turn off mobile devices whilst meeting with a client or prospect.  Just like flying.
  • Leave mobile devices in the car when out with family, at the movies and in church.
  • Absolutely no more texting, emailing or reading while driving – stop this madness!  And please, less photos!
  • Keep precise track of the most important sales activities like the number of new business appointments, number of referrals asked for and accounts in the proposal stage.
  • My fear will diminish when my sales pipeline is full – Amen!
  • Set and evaluate personal and professional goals quarterly.
  • Fitness is not in addition to my job, it is part of my job!
  • And yes, use (with enthusiasm) that Prospect Management System that our owners invested in.
  • Count my blessings more often.
  • Hey, I’ve got to remember that the unqualified prospect is blocking the qualified one.
  • I will keep in mind that a sense of humor is helpful; OK, that’s not really a course correction.

And thank you to our clients, prospects and competitors as we complete our 19th year in business – talk about a miracle!!  Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the confidence you have in our work.

Best wishes are flying your way.

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