The Ever Widening Spiral of Contacts – and we’re not referring to our waistlines!

So, we’re asked from time to time:

“What’s the most important factor that will assure sales success?”

Our answer is always the same:

“There are three important factors – contact, contact and (did we mention) contact.”

The one constant in the business of sales is to continue to make contacts.  The more we observe and work with successful salespeople, this single factor stands out.

Sales success is virtually guaranteed based on:

“The number of contacts initiated with prospective buyers on a consistent basis”.

And this mantra will continue to ring true regardless of the economic conditions around us.

It has never been more important to create and manage your ever-widening spiral of contacts.  Think of this as a spiral rather than a circle – and this pattern of success is easily duplicated.

Have you considered that you are actually hiring your personal sales force via the number of contacts you make?  These contacts lead to other contacts that lead to other contacts and so on – a spiral.  Think of yourself as a sales manager, managing your portfolio of exceptional referral and lead sources – creating your personal sales team.

Now for the challenges:

  • How many new people did you meet last week?  You can count everyone or only those involved with your professional life — you probably have more than you think.
  • Next week, be aware if there is any resistance to making contacts — what is holding you back…and why?  What are some possible solutions for you?  How about a contact goal?
  • Offer a contact/connection to one of your clients, friends, business associates, colleagues or even to a prospective account.  Start from the possible — like one contact/connection for the week and move up from there.  One of the aims can be to connect your contacts with each other.
  • And how many contacts came your way via Social Media?  Are you out there and active in use of these tools like LinkedIn?  Could Social Media be just about a perfect vehicle that works for you 24/7?
  • How many new people can you meet by Thanksgiving?  Give yourself a meaningful and measurable challenge — put a daily number to it — like 1 x 5 (one by 5 pm or 5 by Friday).  Post it on your computer screen.  If Thanksgiving Day is too far out — how about for just the month of September?

Industry studies have shown that over 90% of those asked are happy to refer business, happy to connect you with others.  That’s the good news; the bad news is that less than 3% are asked.  Sometimes, we simple expect that a satisfied client or colleague will naturally offer business contacts – stop that thinking immediately!  You need to ask.

Best wishes from our worldwide team here at Redmond Group – both of us.

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