Leading Indicators

For some reason, we’re in a totally serious mood this month, maybe it’s this wonderful winter weather – who knows, who cares?  So here goes:

A critical component quite necessary for achieving your Annual Sales Goals is the tracking of your activity levels.  We are asking you to focus on Leading Indicators of sales success.  Not what you sold (that’s a Lagging Indicator and everyone already counts that!).  How about those Leading Indicators of activity that have led to the successful sale?

We have good news, in order to do so effectively, you only need to look at three numbers per month; that’s it – only three numbers.

And here they are:

  1. The estimated new commission / revenue in the proposal stage
  2. The number of new accounts in the proposal stage
  3. The number of new prospect appointments


With precise knowledge of these indicators, course corrections can be made quickly.  This is the only reason to track these indicators – to guide us with course corrections.  But there is a huge challenge: will you modify your activities and behaviors based on your leading indicator outcomes?

This is your lucky day, we’ve done a lot of work for you – hey, we’re totally invested in your success and your ability to relieve your competition of the burden of their accounts.  Check out the worksheet below as an example of developing and reacting to leading indicators.  For an actual worksheet that you can use for yourself, please go to: http://redmondgroupinc.com/tracking.html

And we even prepared your instructions.  We hope these steps will help with the use of the Excel tool:

Step 1) Go to the “In Process” worksheet and complete the clearly indicated cells (Yellow Cells, Blue Arrows).  As these cells are filled in, the two other tracking components (Production Data Points and Required Appointment Levels) are set up automatically for you.

Step 2) Once a month, please fill in the appropriate cells on the upper section of the Production Data Points Worksheet.  There are only two numbers per month – the actual number of new accounts in the proposal stage (In Process) and the estimated new commission/revenue that those accounts represent.

Step 3) Once a month, please fill in the appropriate cells in the upper section of the “Required Appointment Levels” workbook.

Our suggestion is to work a bit with these worksheets and see how they operate.  And please try to restrain yourself from messing with the formulas!  When you do, please contact us and we’ll help.

We can assure you that your results will improve by tracking and acting upon just a couple of leading indicators.  Why not check it out?

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