Goal Setting – NOT!

As promised, our topic for this month is “How to Overcome Why You Won’t Set Goals!”

Here is a sampling of the top ten reasons we’ve actually heard (or thought) about not setting goals:

10. I have no time for this.

9. Now I’ll have to actually do something!

8. What if I fail? I’ll be found out for the loser I am!

7. What if I aim too high?

6. What if I aim to low?

5. I’m already successful; I’ve been just fine without setting goals.

4. Track my progress? – I don’t think so!

3. What do I tell my family, my friends and my colleagues?

2. This is a lot of @##%^**!

1. This is useless and is making me uncomfortable, can we please move on to something more practical, more productive?

Hmm, sounds like fear to me.

We’ve been in the Goal Setting business for so long that we’ve concluded that resistance to goal setting must be a natural part of the process.  If this were not so, why is it that something like only 3% of the population actually set goals.  Incidentally, these 3% are the top achievers; they set goals that meet three simple criteria:

  • Meaningful
  • Measurable
  • Written

We’re advocates of setting goals for different intervals.  For example, starting from the possible and moving to the impossible: 5 Personal and 5 Professional goals with a 30 day fulfillment period; 4 of each with a 90 day target; and four at one year, again in same two categories.  Please note that a combination of Personal and Professional goal setting is necessary and will actually result in additional energy becoming available.

Here’s a free goal:  Your first thirty-day goal, personal and professional, is to have your hand-written goals done one week from today.

As you read this, did any resistance come up for you?  If not, you’re one of the rare lucky ones.  If yes, resistance did arise, congratulations, you’re right on target, right on time.

So, “How to Overcome Why You Won’t Set Goals!” I’ll make this real easy:

Take a look at these two recent works:

  • Linchpin, Are You Indispensable? By Seth Godin.  All you need to do is read pages 106 to 115.  The best explanation on the planet about resistance to goal setting.  Of course, a goal to read these pages by the end of next month is a goal.  Any resistance to reading about resistance?  Kind of weird isn’t it?
  • Pick Four is Zig Ziglar’s Legendary Goals Program, Updated and Simplified.  It’s a workbook that comes in packs of four.  Hand them out to your family and then have them read pages 106-115 above!

And here’s something else that comes from a very reliable source.  It’s a scholarly paper ”Building a Practically Useful Theory of Goal Setting and Task Motivation – a 35 Year Odyssey”  first published in 2002 by Edwin Locke of the University of Maryland and Gary Latham of the University of Toronto.  Sounds like a great gift to give and receive.

Goals work:

  • Goals make us ask the question: “Is what I’m working on right now, leading me toward achievement of my goals or away?”  If away, stop, change direction and commence goal achievement activities.
  • With goals, we can promise you that energy becomes available.
  • With goals, I’m compelled to act and will not give up easily.
  • With goals, new knowledge, effective strategies and immense creativity arise from who knows where.

This time of year is just perfect for goal setting activities.  We hope you will go for it and make this part of your life.

Best wishes are flying your way.

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