Goal Diffusion

Want a strategic competitive advantage?  Reduce Goal Diffusion.

This is a career threatening condition that results in goal suppression and physical burn out – other than that, you’re fine.

The first order of business is to gratefully acknowledge the enormous contribution made by George Dudley and Shannon Goodson and their team at Behavioral Sciences Research Press.  George and Shannon penned the term “Goal Diffusion” in 1979.  When I heard of this I recall saying “Oh, that’s what this is!”

You should easily relate to Goal Diffusion – having too many competing priorities, conflicting goals; just too many things coming at you at once.  And this may not simply be because of your employer.  It just might be “welcome to your life.”  Has it become impossible to prioritize, are you in charge of your calendar, your daily tasks, etc.?

The career threatening part is that we cannot sustain a healthy career, mind or body with toxic levels of this condition.

Can you see yourself at this level of Goal Diffusion for another year, what about for five years?  You might as well surrender and get on with finding cures.

So as 2015 arrives, what remedies will you apply?

Here’s one of the best remedies we know:

Ask yourself this question throughout your day: “Is what I’m working on right now directly leading me to the achievement of my goals?”

If the answer is NO, stop working on it.

Let’s bring this to the now with an example: we’re hopeful that this newsletter is directly leading to the accomplishment of your goals.  If not, unsubscribe. We would rather see you working on higher payoff activities.

Now for those remaining subscribers, let’s get on with some practical remedies – why not pick 2 of the following 17 or so solutions?

  1. Purchase these books and apply the principles:
  • First Things First by Stephen Covey
  • The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy
  1. Get the term “Goal Diffusion” into your organization – tell your bosses about Goal Diffusion – what it is, what is does and how it can be remedied.
  2. Can you say “no” to a task or an idea?  Including your own brilliant idea!  Wait a day; will your idea still be a brilliant tomorrow? And what about your boss’s brilliant idea – I used to be a boss and had a bunch of brilliant ideas myself.
  3. Can you say “no” (with love) to your colleagues?  “Hey, (your name) got a minute?” Here’s a great answer: “I’m pretty busy right now, how about we get together on Friday at 5:30?”  Watch them back away from your desk!
  4. Can someone else do the task?  Can you re-gift your Goal Diffusion (with love)?
  5. Can a project, process, procedure be modified or cancelled?  Name one; better yet, name two (per month)
  6. What can technology do for you?  Prospect Management Software, SKYPE , Adobe Connect (get off the road!)
  7. Eliminate Multi-Tasking – your productivity will improve by 30%.  Remember when multi-tasking was a quality?  If you have “Great at multi-tasking” on your resume – remove it immediately.
  8. Limit time devoted to email. How about focused 30 minute effort 3 times a day (radical) – your productivity will improve by another 30%
  9. Can you fire yourself from one or more of your Community Activities?
  10. Take an inventory of your schedule – where is your time spent?  Any high-payoff activities to add?
  11. Purchase a telephone head set, wear it all the time, people will think you’re on the phone and leave you alone.
  12. Make an appointment with yourself and keep it.  Don’t cancel this appointment. This appointment has only one purpose – focused outbound prospecting.

Use Outlook or some type of calendar management software – here’s the technique:

  • Enter your name on your calendar.
  • Block this time for yourself
  • Make sure that it is recorded and saved (so that when others try to get you on their calendar, they can’t.)
  • Acknowledge that you will want to cancel this appointment – don’t cancel.
  • Acknowledge that other tasks will be competing for this time – fight off theses demons.
  • Acknowledge that this appointment with yourself is as important as one with your top client or prospect.
  1. Institute a “Power Hour” in the office – an enterprise-wide hour once a week where the entire team is engaged in outbound prospecting activities.  No exceptions, no aloof observers.
  2. …and that you will maintain a regular practice of outbound contact 5×5, 10×5, 20×5 – meaning 5 by 5:00 p.m. or 10 by, etc., You got the point.
  3. Cancel the next meeting.
  4. Discontinue reading management reports.  And while we’re thinking of it, discontinue preparing management reports – you’re in sales!

Want a strategic competitive advantage?  Reduce goal diffusion and watch the resultant increase in goal levels while energy becomes available to achieve those goals.

Ok, go back and pick 2.

Best wishes are flying your way.

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