This month we wanted to share an article published in one of our favorite magazines – Selling Power.  The author, Kim Wright Wiley, offers a number of ideas on energy.  Many of us have lost sight of the fact that our bodies are closely tied to ourselves; we really are joined at the hip!  The energy level of the body directly influences our day-to-day work.  Kim’s major points are that “energy is a renewable resource …” and that business success is no longer working to the point of burn out or until you drop out – it is a matter of managing energy.  Jim Loehr, co-author of The Power of Full Engagement, puts it this way: “Energy is the fundamental currency of business…that energy comes from the body”.

So here are a few suggestions having to do with energy maintenance and renewal:

  • Multitasking is out – studies have found that multitasking results in poorly completed tasks that lead to re-work and more multitasking.
  • Say the following words: “I will not type while I’m on the phone”. We’ve tried this simple idea and have expanded it to “I will not read emails while I am on the phone”.
  • A health retreat – sign up for one – look for nutrition, exercise and stress management – there is an unlimited supply to choose from.  Your body is going to be with you for a long time; well, maybe not!  The maintenance of a healthy body is not in addition to your job, it is part of your job.  An appointment for a workout is as important as an appointment with your most important client.
  • Buy a book on health and life management – we recommend: The Business Plan for Your Body by Jim Karas; Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and First Things First by Steven Covey. If you’ve read these, go back and take another look at them.

Some of our prior newsletters focused on goal diffusion – too many things coming at you at once, too many goals, too many conflicting priorities and even conflicting goals.

Here are some suggestions for handling goal diffusion:

  • Can you say “no” once a day?
  • Can you fire yourself from a job, a task?
  • Can you delegate and follow the Redmond Rules of Delegation?
  1. Is the assignment clear?
  2. Act as if it is going to get done.
  3. If it is not done, go back to rule #1.
  • Schedule an appointment with yourself; block your calendar to concentrate on creative and longer-term high payoff tasks like prospecting.
  • Do not open email until 11:00 in the morning (OK, OK, calm down – try it for one day a week). Start from the possible and gradually move to the impossible.
  • When you’re vacationing, take one – vacations are a company benefit!

Is it possible to undertake just one of these ideas?

In the short and long run, your success is absolutely tied to your body.

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