Appointments = Receivables

We recently completed a study for several clients and have concluded again that the single most important factor that will lead to success in sales is APPOINTMENTS.

We have heard and engaged in debates that product, relationships, sales techniques, qualification, pricing, etc. are the keys to increasing sales and your receivables.  While all of these factors are components of a sale, without appointments, none of these items see the light of day.

Time and time again, when appointment levels drop, receivables drop.  Occasionally the drop is very rapid, like in the next thirty to forty-five days but most often the drop is anywhere from 6 to 9 months out.  If your receivables are down in September, the likely cause is that appointment levels were below standard in the first quarter.

We know this, and yet many salespeople and entire organizations face this issue repeatedly.

Here are Five Questions and Five Challenges to consider:


  1. Have you measured your monthly appointment levels with new prospects (take a few minutes and look back over your calendar for the last quarter)?
  2. Are you satisfied with your appointment levels?
  3. Could you add just one more appointment? Two more?
  4. Are you scheduling appointment making times, blocking your calendar and avoiding distractions?
  5. Are you celebrating your success – not necessarily a closed sale but that impossible appointment you finally made?


  1. Increase your number of appointments by one per week. (52 additional appointments a year).
  2. Call on 5 accounts during the next quarter that were not closed a year ago.
  3. Split your annual goals into smaller pieces and set interim daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly goals.
  4. Review your outstanding proposals – are you moving toward a close or away from a close?  What additional actions can you take? If you’re standing still, you’re moving away!
  5. Ask for 2 referrals every week each month. (8 new opportunities this month.  96 new opportunities this year).

If you work on these, we assure you that your receivables will increase.  Oh, yes, we make the leap that collections will follow!

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