Keynote Addresses Advanced Sales Topics

Each address can vary in length from 30 to 90 minutes:

Goal Setting

Goal-setting is the basic material of the framework. It’s also our compass, our radar, our course-corrector.  The participants will be instructed and motivated to set specific Professional and Personal goals that are Meaningful, Measurable and Written.

Overcoming Sales Call/Contact Reluctance

The only clear predictor of success in generating new sales is the number of contacts made with existing clients and new prospects on a consistent basis.  Call Reluctance is a career threatening condition that hinders the initiation of prospect contacts.

The Endless Supply

This session concentrates on Contact Strategy, Target Accounts, Target Industries, Referral Harvesting, and Calendar Management.

Referral Harvesting

Obtaining referrals is the single most powerful way of developing new business.  Our referral program includes Referral Goal Setting, Referral Reluctance, Measurement and Tracking, Scripting – How to ask for and get referrals and Overcoming Objections – Your own!  Participants will recognize the value of referrals, identify their own resistance, overcome referral reluctance and create personalized scripts.

Prospect Qualification and Account Transition

Prospects have lots of skills – hiring you is not one of them!
One of the most challenging aspects of a producer’s job is to determine if a prospect is a serious buyer.  This session uncovers the hidden costs of working on unqualified prospects and offers powerful ways to determine if a prospect will ever buy.

Objections Preparation

One of the most predictable elements of the sales process is the client/prospect objection.  This session focuses on the Top 10 objections (usually more!) most often encountered by producers and offers proven methods for moving the sale forward.  This session can be customized to include objections that your team may regularly encounter.

Prospective Account Appointment Making

The producer’s mission is to get an appointment – here are proven methods and dialogue.

Measurement and Tracking of Progress

The session will offer an Introduction of measurement and tracking protocols that will deliver an early warning of success or failure and directions for course corrections.

Pick a topic

…that is unique to your sales situation – what transformations are you striving for?  How can we support your initiative?

Investment level:

Our professional fee for delivering a speech range from $1,500 to $4,500 – everything is negotiable!  (Sounds like a good topic for a speech).

For inquiries:

To register, please email us for more details.  Upon receiving your email, we’ll follow up to discuss your objectives, topics and scheduling options.