Individual and Team Sales Coaching

One-on-one process

The primary objective of our coaching work is to identify factors that will (1) enhance sales effectiveness and advancement and (2) identify those factors that may be prohibiting achievement of the next level of success.

Each of the following workshops can be scheduled as half-day sessions.

It is critical that the coaching work focus on:

  • Developing short and intermediate term professional and personal goals
  • Understanding the process of professional advancement
  • Identifying obstacles, developing strategies and implementing solutions
  • Measuring results.

The arrangement we have found to be most effective is to conduct a series of three telephone calls per month a minimum four-month timeframe.  The calls are confidential, pre-scheduled and lasts for 30 minutes.  The calls are supplemented with reference materials, hard copy worksheets, checklists and tracking materials as appropriate.

The process we undertake is as follows:

Session 1: Goal setting and/or review of existing goals.  We focus primarily on the business goals of sales management, sales leadership, new production, retention, client and prospect relationship building, ethical self-promotion, educational advancement, etc.  A preliminary discussion on personal goals usually makes sense at this time as well.  All goals must be meaningful, measurable and written.  Homework is usually to complete the modified Redmond Group Tracking Master, identify key areas including: team goals, targeted W2 earnings, revenue goals, hit ratios, target insured segments, identification of leading sales indicators, calendar management, etc.

Session 2: We review the Tracking Master in detail and populate the excel workbooks with actual numbers – we’re looking for patterns of results.  Homework is to identify the key sources of business to achieve the goals, management techniques and monthly activity and business “harvesting” levels.

Session 3: By this time, we are typically working on the practical dialogue of internal and external relationship building, negotiation approaches and a whole host of miscellaneous issues that block or delay the goal achievement process.  Personal goals and also formalized by this session.

Session 4 and beyond:  At this point, the discussions are more free-flowing in that we are discussing actual prospective accounts, internal and external relationship building, career management, career visibility, referral harvesting, new business strategies, negotiation techniques, account qualification, overcoming objections, organizational skills, time management and any other relevant issue.

The investment level is $1,000 per month, $4,000 for each four-month series.  Extensions of this service are available.

To see if Coaching is right for you or someone on your team, please email us for more details.  Upon receiving your email, we’ll follow up to discuss your objectives, topics and scheduling options