Book – Selling From the Inside Out

Selling From the Inside Out

The Map to Spectacular Sales Success
in Business and in Life
…and a Sense of Humor is Helpful…

Become even more valuable than you already are.


This is the theme, the underlying driver of this work.

Selling From the Inside Out is a book aimed at men and women involved directly in sales and to those responsible for sales management.  It is a presentation of Tom Redmond’s Sales Process Map.  Tom is the leading sales consultant to the property and casualty insurance business.  His Sales Process Map is applicable to sales in general, in or outside of the insurance industry.

The book lays out a proven “street-level” guide to sales success.  It is a day-to-day “what to do” and “how to measure it” map.  It is forged in the trenches, not from b-school or behavioral sciences perspectives.  It does not veer from hitting numbers.  The “life outside of work” earns a place because it helps to make a better salesperson.

Selling From the Inside Out has a unique combination of high-impact, distinctive traits:

Sales managers are tired of catchphrase-based sales training and skill enhancement solutions.  While proven underlying sales theories exist, the sales professional and sales manager are interested in the most practical direct path to the goal line.

The Sales Process Map is not theory.  It’s a square-by-square linear routine that details the un-glamorous daily steps that will get the salesperson to the required production level.

Mathematical modeling of simple and incredibly powerful sales tracking protocols.
Course Correction.  Automatic leading indicators of those areas that need active and engaged adjustment in order to reach and exceed goals.

Individual or company Sales Process breakdowns are uncovered and remedies are formulated, applied, and followed up on.

Selling From the Inside Out – The map to spectacular sales success in business and in life …,and a Sense of Humor is Helpful….
The top line is that if you follow this map, sales come in.

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