Instructor Led Sales Workshops

1: Planning to Win

Focus: Sales Goals, Measurement, Tracking Leading Indicators, the Sale as a Process, Managing a Prospect Inventory.

2: Overcoming Sales Call Reluctance

Focus: The only clear predictor of success in generating new sales is the number of contacts made with existing clients and new prospects on a consistent basis. Identify and overcome the factors that hinder the initiation of prospect contacts.

3: The Cost of Practice Quoting – Prospect Qualification and Account Transition

Focus: Uncover the hidden costs of working on unqualified prospects and learn powerful ways to determine if a prospect will ever buy. The goal is to establish customized, practical Qualification Criteria that the entire production team can use as a standard.

4: The Endless Supply

Focus: Prospective Account Contact, Appointment Making Techniques, Strategies and Protocols, the use of a variety of contact strategies, Overcoming Objections and Calendar Management.

5: Presentation Skills

Focus: Presentation Skills, Proposal Preparation, Rehearsals and Active Listening, agenda design, prospect control and improvisation.

6: Referral Harvesting

Focus: Referral Goal Setting, Referral Reluctance, Measurement and Tracking, Scripting – How to ask for and obtain referrals.

7. Objections Preparation

Focus: Overcoming the Top 10 objections (usually more!) most often encountered by your sales force.

8: Selling in a Changing Market

Focus: Which factors influence buying decisions and prospect responses? What’s changing? Profit Pressures, Controlled Growth, Product/Service Availability, Price, Buyer Appetite, Relationships and How to Respond.

9: Account Retention in a Changing Market

Focus: Sales professionals are most vulnerable to losing business when the marketplace is undergoing change. How should one respond? Design a systematic process of client relationship management and service delivery.

10: Coaching – Prospective Account Sales Strategies

Focus: “Hot line” consultation – We coach clients while working on actual current new business opportunities – from initial contact through the design of sales strategies, qualification, proposals and closing.

Workshop Follow-up Package:

To review and reinforce workshop topics and assist in the transformation of individuals and the sales team, all workshops are followed up with a series of conference calls and one-on-one coaching.

Investment levels:

Depending on the level of participation and the client engagement, our professional fees range from $650 to $1,350 per person, per workshop.  Professional fees include all preparation, workshop facilitation, analysis, instruction materials, reference manuals, textbooks and personal consulting. Out of pocket travel and lodging expenses are in addition to the professional fees.

For the follow-up package, the investment level is in the form of a retainer and ranges from $1,000 to $1,500 per month for four months.